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Committed to Excellence

Joanna will tell you that she is a life long learner, unequivocal educator, and team player.  She looks forward to helping you weave your narrative, set your goals, and guide you to success in your home, business, community, or school.

  • Doctor of Education, Northeastern University

  • MS in Education Leadership  

  • BS in Biology and Secondary Education 

  • Grant writer

  • Certified

    • Building Administrator

    • Curriculum Coordinator

    • General Science Educator

  • School administrator, 6 years

  • Private school educator, 7 years

  • Homeschooler , 13 years

  • Education cooperative leader



What’s Being Said

Joanna Martel took the lead in helping us articulate our major objectives, and reached out to teachers to understand needs and priorities moving forward. The feedback that we have received from both teachers and students has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have a much higher level of engagement.

Dr. Lucy Liaw
NextGen Researchers (Project)

When she takes on a project, she is dedicated to the cause and is very focused on the details until it is clear that the project has been completed successfully. She is a good thinker—very creative in how she approaches challenges."

Mr. John Bishop
Greater Portland Christian School

Joanna's performance was exemplary. She was conscientious in all her work and often went beyond what was expected...(her) work was of significant depth and of the highest quality."

Dr. Jody Capelluti
University of Southern Maine

Joanna knows her way around homeschooling in Maine. She has helped my family walk through the process of transitioning my daughter from public high school to a homeschool curriculum that is a great fit for her. Joanna will handle the high school transcripts and continues to provide support and encouragement as we homeschool. Her years in the private school, public school and homeschool worlds means she has a unique perspective that has been invaluable to us. We will continue to use her services as my daughter finishes her high school work and prepares for college. Thank you, Joanna!!

Linda S.

Girls at Recess


Let’s Succeed Together

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