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Grant Award and Managment Contract

Fall 2023

MLG is pleased to announce that we have entered into a contract with Maine C3 upon the awarding of an $88,000 sucessful grant proposal to the Maine Business Education Partnership, Augusta.  With the award announcement, MLG will be advertising, managing, and reporting upon the "Sunshine Mini-Grant" program over the next three years.

The goal and mission of this program is to fund projects which inspire curiosity and provide opportunities where, due to financial barriers or limited program funding, students would otherwise be prevented from exploring and engaging in their possible future career interests.  This award will allow any school across the state that houses a member of MaineC3 (career exploration and community engagement leaders) to apply for funding.

2/2024, Grant recipient wrote:  "I once again would like to extend my gratitude for all the effort and work you put into making this grant happen.  I learned so much throughout the process. I started reaching out to local business to keep up the funding (too).  Thank you," S. Gervais, Bonny Eagle High School

Currently acting as an Assessment Coordinator with Westat and its NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) research project.  This nation wide, federal project is used to assess what students are learning in public schools.  Testing runs from January through March. 

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Summer 2022 UPDATED 2023

Amagara Marungi, "Better Life" (in a Ungandan dialect) started in the spring of 2021, Joanna serves as the Vice President of the nonprofit serving and partnering with rural, poor communities in Africa.  In just its first 15 months Amagara Marungi has procured close to $50,000 worth of funding, from donors all over the world, joining the mission to support education, food, health programs and building materials to serve individuals from pre-birth to old age in Ugandan and Camaroon communities!  

UPDATE - Joanna has gratefully accepted the approval of the Amagara Marungi board to ascend to the Presidency.  She is looking forward to strengthening the organization at this new juncture and continuing the mission of, giving and supporting the physical and mental needs of those who give us their sons and daughters for our spiritual needs.


2022 - 2023

As the Statewide ELO Coach with JMG, Joanna and the ELO team provided research-based training and program support related to Extended Learning Opportunity programming in Maine school districts assisting in the development, onboarding, communications and troubleshooting of new and existing ELO programs as well as assisting in ongoing ELO training for JMG and public-school staff. 


2021 -  2022

Joanna Martel has completed management of PreK - 12th grade, asynchronous Learning Progression building, one year contract with Maine DOE.  Having taken on leading a team of 23 amazing Maine educators while partnering with the HHRC, in the tackling of building a PreK-12th grade learning progression on the topic, "The History of Genocide and the Holocaust", Joanna is proud to present the public, free, and innovative product of learning modules produced.

Joanna went on to assist in the managing the completion of the Climate Education Learning Progression for a July 1st deadline.



Dr. Martel is proud to share the results of the study, "Interactions Between Stakeholders for the Benefit of Career Pathway Instruction of Sixth Through Twelfth Grade Students of Maine"

 The primary research questions are: 

  • What are the intrinsic attributes of business and student interactions that inspire students to personal empowerment?

  • What are the intrinsic attributes of business and student interactions that inspire students in their desire to improve their community?

  • What actions performed by business and educational leaders increase the use of problem-solving strategies and skills related to the exploration of future?


Committed to Excellence

Doctor of Education, Northeastern University

  • MS in Education Leadership, USM  

  • BS in Biology and Secondary Education, Gordon College

  • Grant writer

    • Certified Building Administrator

    • Certified Curriculum Coordinator

    • Certified Educator

  • Experience in Public, Private, Home School, Nonprofit and Business fields

  • In Business 23+ years



What’s Being Said

Joanna Martel took the lead in helping us articulate our major objectives, and reached out to teachers to understand needs and priorities moving forward. The feedback that we have received from both teachers and students has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have a much higher level of engagement.

Dr. Lucy Liaw
NextGen Researchers (Project)

When she takes on a project, she is dedicated to the cause and is very focused on the details until it is clear that the project has been completed successfully. She is a good thinker—very creative in how she approaches challenges."

Mr. John Bishop
Greater Portland Christian School

Joanna's performance was exemplary. She was conscientious in all her work and often went beyond what was expected...(her) work was of significant depth and of the highest quality."

Dr. Jody Capelluti
University of Southern Maine

Joanna knows her way around homeschooling in Maine. She has helped my family walk through the process of transitioning my daughter from public high school to a homeschool curriculum that is a great fit for her. Joanna will handle the high school transcripts and continues to provide support and encouragement as we homeschool. Her years in the private school, public school and homeschool worlds means she has a unique perspective that has been invaluable to us. We will continue to use her services as my daughter finishes her high school work and prepares for college. Thank you, Joanna!!

Linda S.

Girls at Recess


Let’s Succeed Together

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