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A Creative Approach

Do you need or want to develop learning experiences in a unique way?  Need a plan, a curriculum, tracking, and more?    We can help you (individually, cooperative, teacher, or school) make learning in or out of the classroom more meaningful and impactful.  Let's make learning a life long joy.

Let MLG support, enrich, and expand more than ever before, your understanding about what can be learned by doing and going!  Check out our offerings such as:

  • Personalized Curriculum 

  • Extended Learning Opportunities

  • College and Career while still in High School (dual enrollment)

  • Travel Credit

  • Leadership Training

  • Pre- and Post-experience assessment and state tracking

  • High School Graduation and College planning, exploration, application, and funding consulting.

  • Cooperative education, teaching, and tutoring for students.

  • Cooperative advising and professional development for adults.

We look forward to working with you.​

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